Hi! I'm Jane.

  • I dream of waking up every morning energized and grateful for life.
  • I dream of providing healthy food choices for my family and myself to reduce risk of disease.
  • I dream of having the health and vitality to provide care for family members as they age.
  • I dream of having mental and physical health to live independently and travel. 
  • I dream of walking hand in hand with my husband for a VERY LONG time.

I believe YOU can have the life you want. 

I believe YOU can have the mental energy to live abundantly.

I believe YOU can have the physical health you crave.


I believe that being healthy doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time consuming.


I believe that what YOU do now is a direct investment into your future self.

I believe that your parent’s health story is not YOUR story.

I believe that investing in YOUR health now will model good behavior for your children and instill great habits for their life.

Break the downward spiral of poor health.

Doing so can lead to longevity for you and your entire family. 


If you dream of any of these things, contact me today.

Don’t wait.

Be intentional with your actions.

I can help make YOUR dreams a reality.

Connect with me today!

What is your reason?


Turning my PAIN into my PASSION.


All The Tools You Need For Better Health


Being outdoors every day can help you sleep better.


Sharing time with the people you love and being grateful is not something to take for granted.


Whole real foods (with people you love) is a recipe for health.


Move your body the way that feels good to YOU. Being with someone you love makes the event more enjoyable.

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