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How to Create Successful Goals (a.k.a New Year's Resolutions)

Jan 07, 2023

The New Year has officially started. 

Happy New Year! πŸ₯‚πŸŽŠ 

New Year’s Resolutions are another way of stating successful goals you have for the coming year.  Are you one of the: 

40% of adults who makes New Year’s Resolutions?  πŸ‘

 80% that gives up by February? 🀯


Goals are necessary to help you grow and change, but they can be overwhelming.  Not reaching your goals may leave you feeling like you've failed. 

There are three introspections that most people don't utilize when setting goals.


First introspection: acceptance and self-talk

Ok, the holidays are over and you gained 15 pounds.  This is where you are right now.  You don’t have to love it, but accept it and stop hating yourself.  You can’t move to a place of healing with self-talk littered with hate.  Success comes from learning moments and moving beyond them, not criticism, guilt, or shame.  "I am disappointed that I gained weight over the Holidays and I am going to get back to my pre-holiday weight, maybe even a little less".



Second introspection:  surrender

Before you can create space for a new habit that will lead to successfully completing your goals,  you need to look deep at what needs to be surrendered.  What are the habits that you do that don’t serve you?  If you want to lose weight, are there foods that don’t serve you?  If you want to change your body composition, are there movements you are doing that have not caused fat loss and allowed you to maintain or grow muscle?  Surrender them!  Habits don’t need to be forever if they don’t serve you.



Third introspection:  realistic plan

Successful goals are the result of a realistic plan.  Realistic plans require steps forward, with a few sideways or backward steps thrown in for learning purposes.   Make a realistic plan with simple, sustainable steps, not just a goal.


 If your goal is to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free every morning, what is your realistic plan?  What are the simple, sustainable steps?   Following the 3-2-1 bedtime rule is a  great step in your realistic plan. This is a simple habit you can put in place to reach your goal.   

If your goal is to decrease body fat by March 1st, what is your realistic plan?  HINT:  starving yourself is not sustainable.  Starving yourself may cause you to lose some body fat, but you will also lose muscle.  Muscle mass is critical to keeping your metabolism high, burning fat and looking younger.    Visit πŸ’ͺMUSCLE BLOG πŸ’ͺfor more information.


Whether you are looking to improve your health, physically or mentally, make the Mindful Eating Program part of your realistic plan.  My approach to health is about making simple, sustainable lifestyle habits that lead to long-term successful goals. 

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